Do you have a rabbit/vermin problem?
Don't have the time or resources to waste on rabbit/vermin control?
Don't want to pay for expensive commercial rabbit/vermin control?
NEWSFLASH - due to unprecedented demand and our network of contacts FreeRabbitControl has gone national!! - Please see the AREAS section for details
Ferreting experts now available
We have the solution: Our team can eradicate your rabbit/vermin problem FREE OF CHARGE
You can be assured that your land, fauna, property and boundaries will be treated with the utmost respect by our experienced vermin control team.  We are a small friendly group consisting of only 4 members, the usual team size on your property at any one time is 2 to 3.  We specialise in farms, golf courses, sports grounds, industrial sites, nurseries and private land. UK Rabbit Control and the Law
  • References available on request
  • Each member is fully insured up to £10m
  • If required all relevant permissions/shoots are fully authorised and registered with the Local Authority and Firearms Enquiry Officer (FEO).  Full compliance with the law is assured.
  • We now have experienced ferreters on our team for additional methods of environmentally friendly control
  • We use and silenced rifles to ensure that neighbours and livestock are not effected by noise pollution.  This method of eradication is humane and far safer than poison (livestock and pet friendly).
  • Our small, tight knit family orientated team includes 3 generations of shooters, so safety is our highest priority. 
  • We use silenced air rifles for normal rabbit control and around buildings, so no worries about damage to building fabric or equipment. .22lr & 17hmr Rimfire can be used in certain circumstances.
  • If required all activity on your land can be pre-arranged and activity logs can be supplied to you on a weekly/monthly basis, keeping you fully informed of land access.
  • Having authorised members on your land really does discourage illegal trespassers. You would be surprised how many trespassers we come across - having us on your land at random times is the ultimate deterrent!
Our teams primary focus is rabbit, but we also (on request) eradicate your fox, crow, pigeon, squirrel & rat problems.
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Disclaimer: This is not a business - all activities and services provided are recreational.